TRAILER: Horror film ‘Ma’

Much like the song says “one is the loneliest number.” Loneliness can be an awful and depressing thing, making for a sad life. In “Ma” Sue Ann is a lonely middle-aged woman who, oddly enough, […]


Maryland Dem lawmaker uses racial slur to refer to district, stripped of position

The media likes to paint Republicans as the party of racists, sexists, homophobes and every other “ist” and “ism.” Well, guess what? Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, both of whom […]

Former Sen. Harry Reid ‘wishes for George W. Bush every day’

Harry Reid is no longer is the United States Senate. Reid left the senate in 2017. The former Nevada senator, who is no fan of Republicans, now wishes for a Republican president, or at least […]

Pro-life film ‘Unplanned’ gets surprise R-rating

On March 29, a film looking at the the abortion industry opens in theaters. “Unplanned” tells the story of Abby Johnson, who was a Planned Parenthood director who oversaw close to 22,000 abortions. However, during […]