Sen. Hirono: Opposing the Green New Deal is crazy

The Green New Deal, while disguised as battling climate change, is all about the government attempting to seize more control. The elimination of air travel, providing health care for all, providing education for all, “upgrading all […]


SNL hilariously spoofs Dianne Feinstein, goes after Green New Deal

A couple of weeks ago, a video surfaced of Sen. Dianne Feinstein in her office talking to a group of children about the proposed Green New Deal. It didn’t go well….at all. Young people should […]

VIDEO: VP Pence’s entire address at CPAC

Conservatives of all kinds have gathered in the Washington D.C. for their annual convention Conservative Political Action Conference. Over the four days, anybody and everybody who’s even remotely recognizable in the world of conservative political […]

TRAILER: ‘Arrested Development’ season 5

“Arrested Development” is not a show for everyone. It’s a sitcom filled with witty and absurdist humor as it looks at the many eccentric members of the Bluth family. It’s both smart and dumb, often […]