Christina Sommers on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ dispels wage gap myth, discusses insanity of 3rd wave feminism

Everyone should be treated equally under the law. I don’t think that’s a crazy statement and it’s one likely 99% of society would agree with is both right and logical. Now, that also means men […]


Biden tells Colbert his gaffes aren’t big deal, ‘not substantive’

Former Vice President Joe Biden is a walking gaffe machine. He has a well-documented history of misspeaking, saying the wrong thing and getting details of stories entirely wrong. Biden recently stopped by “The Late Show […]

Use a straw, eat burgers? Buttigieg says you’re part of climate change problem

Democrats don’t want big, intrusive government, at least that’s what they say. They most certainly do not want to force their way into your lives, deciding what you eat for dinner. No, of course, not, […]