Demi Lovato releases anti-Trump song

We’re now less than three weeks until the Nov. 3 election. However, people are already going to the polls, making their decision between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. One of those people who […]

Fake News! Trump claims sheriff of Portland endorsed him; He doesn’t support the president

If there’s one thing President Donald Trump hates it’s absolutely Fake News….and letting other people talk…..and actually answering a direct question…oh yeah, and just being a decent human being. But mainly, it’s FAKE NEWS! Trump […]

Trump if Biden wins: There will be ‘no oil,’ no God’ and ‘no guns’

President Donald Trump does not like to create panics. He doesn’t want to freak people out, he wants them to remain calm. Or at least that’s what he said when called out after being heard […]