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Sad! Women are Upset their Products Cost More.

Women are outraged over what’s being dubbed the “Pink Tax.” It would seem that over the course of our lifetime, the products we use are taxed more than products of equal value to men.


(Feminists want females to be upset by this. To be honest, as a young female, I’ve never given it a second thought and continue to buy the products that work for me.)

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio (who likes to regulate the size of the soft drink you can order at McDonalds) even commissioned a study on gender pricing. His study found that women pay more for everything, including clothes, shampoo, razors, lotions, etc.

And then there’s that OUTRAGEOUS tax on tampons, which spawned the whole “Ax the Pink Tax” movement. There’s even a web site dedicated to it. And to show awareness, you should really get your brows done cause nothing says “smash the patriarchy” like pink brows!

According to the same site, women on average pay an extra $1, 351 just for being a woman. There’s a fun calculator that will tell you how much you’ve lost over your life time just by inputting your birthday. It seems that my total is now up to over $46,000.

Here’s something that struck me while researching this: for things like razors, shaving cream, or soap, no one is forcing us to buy the brands targeted at women. Sure, I like my Venus better than a generic store brand cheapo razor but lets be honest, they do the same thing. I could easily purchase a 20 pack of boring, blue plastic razors without the special moisturizing strip or the comfort grip that my Venus has but I CHOOSE the more expensive product because I like those small added features that the generic brand doesn’t have.

So in a way, with the exception of feminine hygiene products, most of the so-called “pink tax” is self inflicted. Consumers drive product pricing. If women are willing to pay more for Bath and Body Works body wash because it’s prettier and smells better than scentless Wal-Mart brand, that’s a choice. Same with shampoo, make-up or any other beauty product.

This lady gets it.

As far as clothing goes, women usually buy items with added details, not to mention the array of fits you can choose just for jeans. Extra stuff like embroidery or distressing is going to cost more because it adds more and took more time to make.

And just for for comparison’s sake, a pair of boot cut jeans are the exact same price at American Eagle  in both women’s and men’s. Same with Silver Jeans, which is a higher end brand. So it’s not all companies and may not be as widespread as the movement would like you to believe.

There are a lot of problems in this world. Worrying over a 30 – 40 cent tax on tampons really shouldn’t be one of them. Say you buy four boxes a year, that’s UNDER $2 in taxes you are paying on them.

Here in America, we create a lot of “first world” problems for ourselves and the pink tax is just another example of that. If you’re really that concerned about the prices for shampoo, deodorant, or vitamins, don’t buy the products specifically geared toward women. The companies will get the message that consumers are unhappy with their pricing model when their sales go down.




Handmaid’s Tale Inspires Handmaid’s Coalition

You may have read about the recent protests at several state capitals and in Washington D.C. where women are dressing up as characters from Hulu’s popular new show, The Handmaid’s Tale. Inspired by the book of the same name, the show portrays women in a very negative light and they’re reduced to nothing more than baby machines.

(We wrote about the show earlier this year on Politically Slanted and if you missed it, you can read it here.)

Well, now a new organization called the Handmaid’s Coalition has formed. According to their web site , their mission is “to combat misogyny and oppression in legislation and government policy targeting the disenfranchised groups society would seek to ‘other'” and their vision is “to usher in, for the first time in American history, a political era in which all groups are equally and fairly represented in the political sphere. Whether man or woman, gay or straight, black or white, cisgender or trans, etc., all should have an equal voice in America.” The coalition will be focusing on state and local issues.

Women can join local chapters and even though the site just launched, there are already several state chapters up and running. Women are also invited to share their own “tales” on the site and there are even men sharing stories of how they participated in protests – one particular contributor refers to himself as “The Manmaid.”

They’ve even put together an extensive guide on how to sew the costume and things to know before you protest.

This, folks, is where today’s feminist agenda has gone. The left has done such a good job of scaring women into thinking politicians are trying to trying to take away their birth control, sexual freedom and independence that they’re now resorting to dressing up like fictional characters to protest a non-issue.

The GOP has become the big bad simply because we believe women ought to pay for their own contraceptives and accept responsibility that comes along with having sex (i.e. – babies).

Women in America are not oppressed and their rights are not being stripped away. Maybe the Handmaid protesters ought to start marching for women in Muslim countries who know what real oppression is like.



Planned Parenthood President Uses Mother’s Day as an Opportunity to Push Abortion Rights

Yesterday was Mother’s Day – a day that most people set aside to celebrate the influential women in their lives. After all, literally none of us would be here if it wasn’t for our mothers.

Ironically, Cecile Richards (who is a mother of three) decided to use the day to promote abortion rights on her personal Twitter account. Probably not the wisest of decisions since Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, kills 3 million babies every year and takes away chances at motherhood everyday.

Richard’s tweet links to an article she wrote for Time and in that opinion piece, Richards chooses to make Mother’s Day political and advocate for women’s health care rights, including abortion.

“So this Mother’s Day, instead of taking your mom out to brunch or sending chocolate, commit to fighting for a government that recognizes that women deserve basic human rights and protections — including the right to decide when and whether to become a mom. After all, nothing says “I love you, Mom!” like adding your members of Congress to your contacts, and letting them know you’re counting on them to stand up for women and families everywhere.”

Responses to her tweet were scathing – and rightfully so.


It’s truly awful that someone who presides over an organization that makes a profit off killing unborn babies would use a day set aside to celebrate motherhood and the miracle of life to promote a political agenda. Cecile Richards, have you no common decency or heart?


Women Dressed as Handmaids Protest Anti-Abortion Laws at Texas Capital

Wendy Davis is at it again. Today in Austin, Texas a group of women dressed as handmaids from the popular Handmaid’s Tale book/TV show staged a protest against anti-abortion bills. The protest was organized by Davis’ group, Deeds Not Words and NARAL of Texas.

During the protest, which was live streamed on Facebook (and can be viewed below), the women are shown holding signs with political protest statements about money being given to “fake health care clinics”, the 24 hr. waiting period for abortions and forced sonograms. The biggest and boldest sign declared “NO MORE ABORTION RESTRICTIONS. NONE!”


The three young ladies in the middle each read stories of how Planned Parenthood saved lives. One was in high school with two children already and couldn’t “bear to give birth again. I didn’t want to be pregnant. I didn’t want to have another baby.”

Another was raped on a date in high school and when she discovered she was pregnant, her only thought “was to kill myself because I didn’t have any other option. Thankfully, I had a strong, supportive mother who took me to get an abortion. I made a decision to save a life – mine.”

I. Me. Mine.

Abortion is all about the woman and what SHE wants, with no regards to the other human life growing inside her. To the pro-choice movement, innocent babies don’t matter because they aren’t born and therefore aren’t considered people even though science will tell you they share the same DNA as you and I.

Shame on these women and shame on America for continuing to let it happen.