CLIP: Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams’ film ‘Eurovision’

When it comes to the films of Will Ferrell, there really is no middle ground. They are either laugh-out-loud funny or painfully unfunny and nearly unbearable. He’s had massive success with his Ron Burgundy character, […]

Will Ferrell’s ‘Holmes & Watson’ cleans up at Razzie Awards

While actors, actresses and many of the Hollywood types enjoy attention, this is likely not the kind they wanted. Will Ferrell’s box office flop “Holmes & Watson” cleaned up at the 2019 Razzie Awards. The […]

Stay classy podcasts: ‘Ron Burgundy Podcast’ coming in 2019

Ron Burgundy is a classic character that, because of his arrogance and stupidity, never ever gets old and is always good for a laugh. The former San Diego news anchor is easily Will Ferrell’s most […]

Will Ferrell, Oprah campaign in Georgia for Stacey Abrams, VP Pence has perfect response

There are several tight races around the country that will have people crowded around the TV come the evening on Nov. 6. One of those races that has been getting plenty of national attention is […]