WaPo writer says new ‘The Lion King’ film full of ‘fascist ideology’ and compares Pride Rock to Trump Tower

The SJW crowd is after the new Disney live action The Lion King remake now. In a film review posted on The Washington Post, critic Dan Hassler-Forest calls the movie a ” fascist ideology writ large” and […]


Ben Shapiro calls out Washington Post, liberal media watchdog group lashes out

The Washington Post is not a fan of Republicans or really anyone who expresses conservative points of view. On Monday, the Notre Dame cathedral went up in flames, engulfing the ancient monument for hours. Crews […]

‘Conservative’ blogger for Washington Post lays out ‘dream ticket’ choices

The Washington Post has a long history of being a fairly liberal paper. From their editorials to even their news coverage, nine times out of 10 the Washington Post will take a liberal angle on […]

Mika Brzezinski, Washington Post defend Biden’s ‘affectionate, flirtatious’ style

Former Vice President Joe Biden still has not officially announced that he is running for president, yet. No matter Biden’s indecisiveness, he is being accused of inappropriately touching a woman in 2014 when he was […]