IU Nurse Hate Tweets Aimed at White Men

An Indiana University Health nurse has been fired after tweeting some pretty disturbing things about white men. The nurse, who was identified as Taiyesha Baker, deleted the account shortly after the tweet went viral and IU […]

Dear Feminists: We’re Tired of Your War on Pro-Life Women

While the Comey hearing was going on yesterday, feminists were trying to re-direct people’s attention away from the former F.B.I. director’s testimony. They’re still screeching about the possibility that they’re actually going to have to […]

Women Dressed as Handmaids Protest Anti-Abortion Laws at Texas Capital

Wendy Davis is at it again. Today in Austin, Texas a group of women dressed as handmaids from the popular Handmaid’s Tale book/TV show staged a protest against anti-abortion bills. The protest was organized by […]