Sanders calls out Walmart for their ‘greed,’ wants employees paid $15 an hour

Bernie Sanders is going after that far left support hard. He and Elizabeth Warren are both competing for a similar voting bloc of the Democratic base. In recent months, Warren seems to have made some […]

WATCH: Bernie Sanders attends Walmart shareholders meeting, demands increase to employee pay to $15 an hour

Democrats love to talk about income inequality and how the wealthy “don’t pay their fair share.” Democratic-socialist Bernie Sanders has been one of the loudest voices, advocating companies increase their employees’ hourly pay. At this […]

Glenn Beck plays Santa; pays off balance of layaway items at Texas Walmart, spends $27,000

Tyler Perry, Kid Rock and now Glenn Beck. The conservative commentator was feeling mighty generous recently. Apparently, Beck went into a Texas Walmart and decided to pay the remaining balance of all the items on […]