Conservative ‘American Thinker’ retracts articles, admits Dominion vote changing story is ‘completely false,’ ‘has no basis in fact’

Since the November election, there have been tons and tons of conspiracy theories that have made their way onto social media, on television and have come out of the mouths of presidential allies and President […]

‘The Daily Show’ wrecks Fox News with voter fraud videos

Fox News has been President Trump’s mouthpiece throughout his first and only term in office. Trump could say, do or tweet something completely idiotic, factually incorrect or both and Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson […]

Trump campaign’s Pam Bondi mentions ‘fake ballots’ when pressed on it, says ‘there could be’

Counting is still underway in a handful of states that haven’t been called in the presidential election. Among those states are Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina. Some news outlets have called Arizona while others […]