Yahoo columnist says LeBron James emerging as activist, completely disregards James’ response to China

Los Angeles Laker LeBron James is one of the most famous people on the face of the earth. He’s one of the greatest players to have ever picked up a basketball and with already impressive […]


Trump says California is ‘sending millions of ballots to people,’ ‘to anyone in the state’

President Donald Trump really, really, really does not want people to vote absentee. On Tuesday morning, Trump sent out another couple of tweets about his fears of voting by mail. However, instead of going after […]

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk can’t differentiate between a ballot & application for ballot

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump sent out a couple of tweets threatening to withhold funds to Nevada and Michigan. Trump claimed that both Nevada and Michigan were just sending ballots to all voters and simply […]

Trump accuses Nevada of sending ‘illegal ballots,’ accuses attempted cheating. Nevada’s secretary of state is a Republican

President Donald Trump does not want people to be able to vote by mail. For some reason, perhaps it was a segment he saw on Fox News, he believes voting absentee equals cheating, and more […]