Reporter asks Trump about pardon for ‘Tiger King’

Reality TV is commonly called the lowest form of entertainment. Throw a diverse group of people together in an odd location, set up a camera and hope they scratch and fight. Well, those people may […]


President Trump says ‘mail-in voting is horrible,’ then admits he voted that way in March

Our country is currently fighting the coronavirus as more deaths are reported from it every single day. However, we’re also in the middle of the presidential primary. While several states have pushed their primaries back […]

Really? Reporter asks Trump why grocery stores, fast food restaurants are still open

You’ve likely heard that there are no stupid question. Well, you can throw that out the window because that’s been proven 100%, entirely wrong. During Sunday’s coronavirus task force press briefing, President Donald Trump was […]

Georgia Gov. Kemp: We just learned asymptomatic people could spread virus in last 24 hours

On Friday, April 3, Georgia will be under a statewide shelter-in-place order. Georgia’s Gov. Brian Kemp signed the executive order on Wednesday. Kemp’s move comes after many other states before Georgia did the very same […]