Rep. Adam Kinzinger questions any senator who votes against Trump’s conviction

The historic second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump is underway in the United States Senate. Not only is Trump the first president in the history of the United States to be impeached but […]

What? Sen. Tommy Tuberville wants Biden inauguration delayed until ‘virus behind us’

The game of football involves skill, strategy, preparation and yes, brute force. While intelligence and planning are necessary elements in order to win on the gridiron, other times it’s simply a matter of just being […]

Donald Trump is first president in history to be impeached twice

While history is usually kind to presidents after they leave office, with their personal approval ratings increasing in the years after, that’s not likely to be the case with Donald Trump. President Donald Trump on […]

Hirono asks Amy Barrett if she’s ever committed sexual assault

This week Amy Coney Barrett is going before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The committee is made up of a select number of Republicans and Democrats, who will eventually vote on her nomination before sending it […]