Lakers LeBron James screams during national anthem

LeBron James is a very polarizing figure. You either love him or hate him, there is no middle ground with this guy. Is he one of the greatest to have ever picked up a basketball? […]

LeBron James: ‘There can be a lot of negatives that come with freedom of speech’

The National Basketball Association has a massive problem and it’s getting worse every day. Ever since the general manager of the Houston Rockets tweeted out a message in support of the people in Hong Kong, […]

Fox News has ‘no plans’ to book Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles after Greta Thunberg segment

Greta Thunberg will be named a saint in the next few days. Those on the left and in the media are glowing after the 16-year-old’s fiery speech at the United Nations about climate change and […]