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Kanye West Becoming a Voice of Reason?

Yeezy is raising some eyebrows with his latest Tweets. Yesterday, he tweeted that he likes the way Candace Owens thinks.

Owens is a conservative African American who has been critical of the Black Lives Matters movement. She’s the communications director for Turning Point USA and has her own YouTube channel where she often criticizes liberal policies. She’s also a strong Trump supporter.

On Fox and Friends this morning, she thanked Kanye for his support, adding that “Kanye West does not really want to fold to controversy. If you look at things historically, Kanye West has really represented the battering ram against political correctness.”

Liberals were immediately upset by West’s tweet.

Then today, West began fighting back, tweeting in favor of differing opinions and railing against the thought police.

Hate to say it but Kanye is making a lot of sense here. And it’s kind of refreshing to see a celebrity thinking oppositely of how people think he should.


Liberal Professor Celebrates Barbara Bush’s Passing

Remember the old saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? Liberal Fresno State professor Randa Jarrar apparently doesn’t abide by that.

In a series of now deleted tweets, Jarrar celebrates respected former first lady Barbara Bush’s death.


PSA: either you are against these pieces of shit and their genocidal ways or you’re part of the problem. that’s actually how simple this is. I’m happy the witch is dead. can’t wait for the rest of her family to fall to their demise the way 1.5 million iraqis have. byyyeeeeeeee.

— Randa Jarrar (@randajarrar) April 18, 2018

She went on to laugh at people who responded to the vile Tweets, saying Fresno State would never fire her for what she says because she has tenure.

Newsweek reports that “After receiving more than 2,400 replies, her Twitter account was locked, her brief profile bio changed to, “Currently on leave from Fresno State. this [sic] is my private account and represents my opinions.” In addition, the Fresno State English Department’s website lists her as on “LEAVE.”

Fresno State has responded with this statement, saying they are looking into the matter.

At some point during the tweet rampage, she also gave out “her phone number” which actually turned out to be the number for a mental health hotline.

Look, everyone has the right to free speech but use some judgement here – a family is grieving and this helps no one. Also, just because you can say something like this, doesn’t mean their won’t be consequences.

Fresno State should fire her immediately – tenure or not.

Trump needs to put phone down and step away from the blue bird

There’s no denying, President Donald Trump likes Twitter. At approximately, 6 a.m. or so, every morning President Trump fires of a couple of tweets, usually about the prior days’ events.

Being the President of the United States, Trump knows anything and everything he posts on his personal Twitter page will become headlines around the world in minutes. And that’s exactly why someone really needs to grab his phone and ask him kindly to slowly step away from the blue bird.

For instance, ever since the recent images and videos showing the victims of the chemical attacks in Syria have come out, it has been a hot topic. Will the U.S. respond? When will they respond? How will they respond? What other countries will join the U.S.?

Well, yesterday, just like clockwork, Trump tweeted, but he decided to make Syria the subject of one of his tweets.

See, this is probably not the kind of thing you want to do if you’re the leader the free world. Telling other countries you’re going to attack may not be the best of ideas. You likely want to keep that kind of stuff quiet, and I don’t know, may be even a surprise to the country you’re planning to attack.

Several people close to Trump must have delivered a similiar message because the next day Trump tweeted the following:

Regardless, why in the world is he talking about national security issues on Twitter? Is he talking a poll?

Also, he continues to talk about the Mueller investigation. You know the thing that continues to hang around Trump and his administration like a stray dog that just won’t go away.

Absolutely nothing about these tweets are helpful. Anytime he talks about the Mueller investigation, he isn’t going to win, he just isn’t. The majority of the media already have their minds made up when it comes to that subject, their verdict: guilty.

Instead, he needs to discuss more about the strong economic numbers. He needs to keep the focus on what his administration is doing, the positive.

Instead, he continues to talk on Twitter about subjects that he just is not going to win. It’s starting to feel like he may just like the drama of it all.


Author Says She Doesn’t Care if NRA and 2A Supporters Live or Die

I’ve never heard of Jennifer Armintrout. According to Wikipedia, she’s an urban erotica fantasy author that wrote some popular books about an ER doctor who becomes a vampire after one of his patients attacks him. So quality literature, right there.

She went on a Twitter rampage last night against Trump voters,  NRA members and 2A supporters and her tweets were so ridiculous and outrageous that they had to be shared.

This one is especially ironic since she WROTE A SERIES ABOUT VAMPIRES.

She even started blocking people on the left that told her she was hurting their cause.

Then went on to attack Chris and Dana Loesch when he responded that he was praying for her.

She also doesn’t seem to care about the millions of aborted babies each year.

That’s just a few of the vile, death wishing Tweets from her feed last night. And the sad thing is, people reported them, but Twitter didn’t see anything wrong with what she said.

This is a pretty extreme example of leftist intolerance but it’s still really shocking to see someone just not care about human life simply because they disagree with their political views.

She should be dropped by her publisher and suspended from Twitter. And then seek help for the obvious mental problems she has.


Trump is Wrong about Amazon

President Trump has been waging a war on Amazon through his Twitter feed, saying the giant online retailer is a big reason why the United States Postal Service is losing so much money.

Let’s break things down a bit and fact check the President’s claims.

“Unlike others, they pay little or no taxes to state & local governments”

At one time, this was accurate. But now, in 46 states, Amazon pays and collects taxes where sales tax exist. Five states have no sales tax, so Amazon does not collect taxes there. According to the Institute on Taxation and Policy, Amazon paid $957 million in income tax in 2017 but zero in federal taxes this year because of Trump’s tax bill.

They also found that sometimes Amazon doesn’t collect local taxes or they charge a lower tax rate than some local retailers in Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, New Mexico and Pennsylvania. Politifact states that “the digital retailer’s decision to collect state sales tax is mostly voluntary, as a 1992 Supreme Court ruling effectively gave a free pass on state taxes to companies with no brick-and-mortar property or employees in the state.”

Amazon uses “our Postal System as their Delivery Boy (causing tremendous loss to the U.S.)”

Losses to the postal system can be attributed to the declining use of paper. As we move toward a more paperless society, people aren’t mailing as much. The USPS also spends billions of dollars in operating costs and have an unsustainable pricing model.

Interestingly enough, growth in the shipping and packages department (that includes Amazon), HELPED the financial woes of the USPS. They even said so in a 2017 press release.

The growth in our Shipping and Packages business provided some help to the financial picture of the Postal Service as revenue increased $2.1 billion, or 11.8 percent. However, that growth was offset in our financials by the decline in mail volumes discussed above, as well as a $1.1 billion 2016 noncash change in accounting estimate and the 2016 roll-back of the exigent surcharge mandated by the Postal Regulatory Commission which further reduced revenue by $1.1 billion from what it otherwise would have been.

Amazon is “putting many thousands of retailers out of business!”

It’s unfair to place the total blame of the decline of brick and mortar stores solely on Amazon. Consumers drive business and they’re flocking to online shopping because it’s easier, the deals are better and there’s more selection.

Business that don’t compete with online retailers, actually saw growth in 2017. And as Politifact points out, online retailers still need warehouses staffed with people to fulfill the orders and processes shipments. It’s usually seen as a positive thing when a major giant like Amazon wants to build a warehouse in your community because it brings hundreds of jobs with them.

Other factors to consider.

Much of their loss is because of a law that mandates the USPS pre-fund retirees health benefits. From CNBC:

US Postal Service workers have a retiree health care benefit in addition to their pension. Before Congress passed the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006, the USPS operated under a pay-as-you-go model for retiree health care funding. The new law requires the Postal Service to pre-fund its benefit obligations.

First class mail usage is down. USPS revenue decreased $1.8 billion in 2017 compared to the previous year. According to the USPS site, “lower revenues were driven largely by accelerated declines in First-Class and Marketing Mail volumes.”

Could the postal service be making more off of Amazon? Probably so. After all they do ship about 40% of Amazon’s packages. From Politifact:

USPS ships about 40 percent of Amazon’s packages. Amazon bulk-delivers packages to a USPS distribution center, and the Postal Service brings it to your door. USPS negotiates the discounted rate for that service with Amazon, as it does all other bulk shippers.

That’s because the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act made it illegal for USPS to price parcel delivery below its cost.

Looking at the facts, it appears our President is very wrong about Amazon. In fact, they actually helped the USPS with growth in shipping and packing revenue – to the tune of $7 billion in the 2017 fiscal year.




Fox News releases statement on Laura Ingraham, to stand behind her

It appears David Hogg has failed…at least for the moment.

Following last week’s brouhaha where Laura Ingraham tweeted a rather dumb message about Hogg being rejected from college, advertisers began dropping like flies, at Hogg’s urging. You know, because Ingraham said something Hogg didn’t like and deserved to be silenced.

After the dustup, Ingraham tweeted a message of apology.

But receiving an apology from Ingraham was never the goal. Instead, Hogg stated he wanted an apology from the entire network.  Big surprise, I know. A leftist given an inch and trying to take a mile.

Anyway, some thought Ingraham’s show would actually be taken off the air due to the action’s of a 17-year-old and a few companies willing to happily submit to a high school student’s demands. Virtue signaling at its best…or worst, I guess.

Anyway, Fox News put out a message Monday stating that Ingraham’s show isn’t going anywhere.

While not a big fan of Ingraham, silencing her or anyone else for that matter because they refuse to going along with the in vogue opinion of the day isn’t a good precedent.

Rachel Maddow has every right to be heard. Chris Hayes has every right to be heard. Heck, even David Hogg has the right to be heard.

However, at this point it appears that Hogg’s crusade to silence those who aren’t in complete and total agreement with him has failed.

Just don’t let him or CNN know.


Paul Ryan posts Easter message, leftists lose their minds

Easter is the day to celebrate the fact that Christ is risen and that the tomb is empty. He went to the cross on Friday to pay for the sins of mankind, only to rise on Sunday and gained victory over death.

Needless to say, it’s an important time for many families. Recognizing the day is special to many, Speaker Paul Ryan posted a video to Twitter wishing families a blessed Easter.

There is absolutely nothing political in the video at all, but that didn’t stop leftists. In fact, they absolutely lost their minds. Responding with obscene messages that don’t exactly display the love and open mindedness leftists are always going on and on about.

Gotta say, I watched the video and I didn’t hear that quote. Maybe I missed it?

Then there’s this measured and well thought out response.

I know there are different kinds of Easter candy that make an appearance once a year, but I’ve never heard of this. Perhaps he buys his chocolate at a very different kind of store.

Second message from this all-star.

This individual seems to know the location of Mr. Ryan’s eternal home.

This obvious MENSA member also seems to be concerned with Ryan’s eternal resting place.

Oh, well. Keep on spreading and sharing the love leftists. Can wait to see what you have for Christmas!


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