Fox News posts article job shaming ‘Cosby Show’ actor working at grocery store, gets blasted

A job is a job, right? Well, apparently not according to Fox News. The network that employs Tomi Lahren and Sean Hannity, feels some jobs are more worthy than others, as made abundantly clear by […]


Liberal threatens conservative commentator Dana Loesch’s children; Twitter does absolutely nothing

Disagreeing with one another, seeing things differently and expressing those views in a positive, healthy manner is what our country was founded upon. But when threats of physical violence against the children of ones political […]

Bernie Sanders tweets condolences to McCain family after Sen. McCain’s passing; his followers don’t appreciate it, to say the least

On Saturday night, Sen. John McCain passed away following an extended battle with brain cancer. Whether you agreed with McCain’s politics or not, it shouldn’t stop someone from being decent after he died. However, that […]