Sen. McSally to CNN reporter: ‘You’re a liberal hack, I’m not talking to you’

It appears that incessantly pushingTrump-Russian collusion, openly cheering that President Trump was a Russian asset and slandering a group high students as racists may not be earn you a lot of respect. Of course, I’m […]


ABC’s chief political analyst has awful take on Bernie, Warren fight

According to reporting from CNN, Bernie Sanders supposedly told Elizabeth Warren that a woman’s can’t be win the presidency. Of course, Bernie Sanders and his campaign came out and denied that it ever happened. Tulsi […]

Ricky Gervais’ monologue at Golden Globes: ‘You’re in no position to lecture,’ ‘accept your award and f**k off’

Last night was one of Hollywood’s biggest nights. It was filled with backslapping, high-fiving and self-congratulatory speeches as millionaires handed out awards to other millionaires. There really weren’t any major surprises. Quentin Tarantino won for […]