Kirsten Gillibrand staffing up for 2020 presidential run

It looks like another Democrat is soon likely to announce a presidential run. In a meeting Saturday Kirsten Gillibrand reportedly told a group of women that she is in fact planning to launch a 2020 […]


VIDEO: Democrat Tulsi Gabbard is running for president

Another high-profile Democrat is getting in the 2020 race for White House. In an interview with CNN that will air on Saturday, the Democrat from Hawaii told Van Jones that yes, she has made the […]

Possible presidential candidate Gabbard calls out Dems ‘religious bigotry’

Democrats tried and tried to block President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominees, throwing the kitchen sink at Brett Kavanaugh. That was really a disgusting and despicable display and luckily the Democrats were not successful. Democrats […]

VIDEO: Democrat Tulsi Gabbard considering 2020 presidential run

As crazy as it may seem, the 2020 presidential election is now less than two years away. Soon enough, likely in January, February and March of next year, Democrats will begin publicly declare their intentions. […]