Trump if Biden wins: There will be ‘no oil,’ no God’ and ‘no guns’

President Donald Trump does not like to create panics. He doesn’t want to freak people out, he wants them to remain calm. Or at least that’s what he said when called out after being heard […]

‘The View’ host Sunny Hostin refers to Black conservatives as ‘props’

The Black community overwhelmingly votes Democratic and it will be the same again in 2020. Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee due in large to his strong support in the Black community. But no matter […]

Member of Trump campaign mocks Biden for visiting son’s grave

Politics can be a mean, cold and cruel business. It often brings out the worst in people. Running and winning a campaign is all about hitting your opponent for a perceived weakness and then exploiting […]

Jake Tapper eviscerates conspiracy theorist GOP congressional candidate

If you believe the moon landing was faked, that Ted Cruz’s father was involved in President Kennedy’s assassination and that former President Barack Obama was ineligible for the presidency because he wasn’t born in the […]