Trump: If Michigan, Washington governors ‘aren’t appreciative, I don’t call’

Every day single day we’re learning of new positive coronavirus tests and more deaths related to COVID-19. At this point, there are more than 121,00 positive cases and more than 2,000 deaths in the United […]


Ironic: Former Rep. Katie Hill calls Trump a ‘gross f**k’

Katie Hill is no longer a member of Congress. She resigned late last year after photos showing her with a member of her official staff in compromising positions. Several of the photos showed Hill in […]

Stock market falls 3,000 points, Trump says ‘we may be’ headed toward a recession

So the coronavirus is still wrecking havoc across the country and really, the world. In the United States, several states have ordered that restaurants and bars be closed from in-person dining. The stock market had […]

CNN’s Don Lemon shouts at John Kasich over Trump’s coronavirus address

CNN’s Don Lemon isn’t exactly the biggest fan of President Donald Trump, if you weren’t already aware. On Wednesday evening, following Trump’s address to the nation about the coronavirus, Lemon was back at his old […]