Kayleigh McEnany holds up check from Trump, appears to have exposed his banking info

The Trump administration has seen a number of people come a gone in just a few years. Chief of staff, attorney general, director of national intelligence, director of communications and more have all seen their […]


Biden says in interview: If you have problem deciding between me or Trump then ‘you ain’t black’

Former vice president and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has a history of sticking his foot in his mouth. He seems to have a natural ability to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Well, […]

Pence says White House considering phasing out the coronavirus task force

More cases of COVID-19 and more deaths related to the virus are announced every single day. While states are beginning to slowly open, people are still being advised to practice social distancing, avoid large gatherings […]

White House keeping Fauci from testifying before House lawmakers

It’s similar to the flu. It’s going to just amazingly disappear one day. The virus isn’t able to withstand warm weather. Those are paraphrased statements about the coronavirus from President Donald Trump. Those were, of […]