Meryl Streep is not on board with the term ‘toxic masculinity’

Well, here’s something you don’t see everyday – a liberal movie star going against the hive mindset that oozes out of Hollywood. But Meryl Streep addressed toxic masculinity in an interview with Vanity Fair and […]


Actor Terry Crews stands up for fatherhood, Twitter goes insane

Children need both a mother and a father. However, today’s society likes to denigrate the role of men in raising children. Why? Well, because if society would admit children need a father-type figure then that […]

PETA: ‘Traditional’ masculinity is dead, encourages people to go vegan in absurdly idiotic video

Some people and groups live for controversy. They thrive on it. Why?  It brings them attention, bad or good and apparently, similar to press, any kind is worthwhile. One group that has made its living […]