Fox host Tomi Lahren claims ‘mainstream media is the sewer’

The mainstream media is trash. It’s garbage and should be avoided at all costs….. except for Fox News, which is the most-watched cable news network on TV. That’s exactly what Fox host Tomi Lahren believes, […]

Tomi Lahren claims there’s a movement to silence her, she posts….on Twitter

On both sides, the right and left, there are a number of political commentators who do nothing but spout talking points, never providing an original thought. Instead, they simply use the same, tired arguments and […]

Tomi Lahren wants to cancel Shake Shack & proves she doesn’t read

Reading is hard. Don’t believe me, just ask Tomi Lahren. Lahren, like so many similar to her intelligence on the right, has really risen to fame in the age of Trump. The right wing commentator […]