What? Netflix wants us to stop saying ‘chick flick’

Everyone is woke today, even video streaming services. Netflix, instead of just providing us with reruns of “The Office,” “Mad Men” or “Breaking Bad,” now wants to police our language. The company would really appreciate […]


TRAILER: ‘The Dead Don’t Die’

Zombies are a horror staple. For the longest time, moviegoers have been fascinated by the undead. However, in recent years zombies have been incorporated into horror-comedies. The most obvious one that comes to mind is […]

TRAILER: Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke in western film ‘The Kid’

Most of the films coming out of Hollywood are either sequels, superhero-related, animated or terrible, low budget horror flicks. One genre of film that generally doesn’t get much attention in today’s Hollywood is the western. […]