Trey Gowdy: Democrats should acknowledge only Clinton’s campaign accepted support from Russia

Former South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy was on Martha McCallum Fox show yesterday talking about the Muller report and the Russian collusion witch hunt. While talking to McCallum, Gowdy called for California Rep. Adam Schiff […]


NFL player Ben Watson appears on Fox News, speaks out against abortion

Abortion is a hot-button, polarizing issue. There are few topics that raise blood pressures and lead to arguments like the murdering of the unborn. Lately, though, it has become even more prominent as the state […]

WATCH: Judge Brett Kavanaugh, wife respond to allegations on ‘The Story with Martha MacCallum’

Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of sexually not one, but now two women. The Senate Judiciary Committee is set to hold a hearing to listen to both Professor Ford and Judge Kavanaugh. Supreme Court […]