Trump admits he does want to ‘slow testing down,’ The Lincoln Project responds

One of the worst jobs in the world would be working in the communications department for President Donald Trump, whether in the campaign or in his administration. It doesn’t matter, both would be absolutely horrible. […]

Domino’s Pizza perfectly captures the hyper partisanship, divisiveness that is 2020

Just about everything today is viewed through the prism of partisan politics. You truly cannot do anything without setting someone off, angering them which often ends in heated arguments, hurt feelings and bruised egos. The […]

‘The Lincoln Project’ blasts Trump: He became the Confederacy’s second president

Currently, with protesters making their voices heard in several cities across the country, there is a push for the country to reexamine itself. That includes everything from police conduct to monuments honoring the Confederacy and […]

New ad slams federal government’s response to health crisis, Trump flips out

The Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic is going to decide the 2020 presidential election. How many cases, the number of related deaths, the amount of testing (or lack thereof) and the economic numbers […]