‘The Federalist’ seems to not understand…federalism

So, President Donald Trump, being the great Republican that he obviously is, always, always sides with smaller government. If you made it through that sentence without smirking than you’re better than me. Trump is no […]


What? The Federalist co-founder: Democrats, media conspired on health crisis, want to destroy millions of jobs

When you are so tied to a particular politician or political party, whether for financial, political, a few more likes or follows on social media or for any other reason, you’re likely to say and […]

Meghan McCain responds to report that White House requested U.S.S. John S. McCain be hidden for Trump’s visit to Japan

During President Trump’s recent visit to Japan, the White House requested that the war ship named after former Arizona Senator John McCain be hidden so it would not appear in photos with the President. Navy […]

Federalist writer says she was fired after standing up for ‘masculinity and God’s design for sexuality’

Ben Domenech, the founder and publisher of conservative news outlet The Federalist, tweeted late last night that Denise McAllister would no longer be writing for them. In response to your many inquiries, we've spoken and […]