Glenn Beck compares Trump Twitter ban to the Holocaust

Usually, whenever you compare something to the Holocaust, you’re likely to come out looking like an idiot. Well, guess what the founder of The Blaze, Glenn Beck, did on Tucker Carlson’s show Tuesday evening? In […]

Tomi Lahren wants to cancel Shake Shack & proves she doesn’t read

Reading is hard. Don’t believe me, just ask Tomi Lahren. Lahren, like so many similar to her intelligence on the right, has really risen to fame in the age of Trump. The right wing commentator […]

Glenn Beck plays Santa; pays off balance of layaway items at Texas Walmart, spends $27,000

Tyler Perry, Kid Rock and now Glenn Beck. The conservative commentator was feeling mighty generous recently. Apparently, Beck went into a Texas Walmart and decided to pay the remaining balance of all the items on […]