Mitch McConnell launches 2020 re-election campaign, releases video

Mitch McConnell is one person that is disliked by people on both the right and the left. However, the Senate Majority Leader has been able to get some pretty important things done in the last […]


REPORT: Trump ‘saving’ Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ginsburg on Supreme Court

President Donald Trump has already named to justices to the Supreme Court: Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. But there is a chance that Trump may get the opportunity to name a third to the highest […]

Michelle Malkin responds to Hollywood’s anti-Kavanaugh ad: ‘Don’t just believe women because they’re women, believe evidence’

Recently, Hollywood told us in a surprisingly terrible ad that we must believe Ms. Ford’s allegations against Brett Kavanuagh because, well because she’s a woman. Simply due to the fact that Ford says Kavanaugh assaulted […]