Michelle Obama compares America with Trump as President to ‘living with a divorced dad’ for the weekend

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has a hard time when it comes to President Trump. She wrote about how depressing the inauguration was in her memoir Becoming, and now she’s comparing the Trump presidency to living […]


VIDEO: Dem Eric Swalwell announces he’s running for president

Well, you can officially add another name to the ever-expanding list of Democrats running for the White House. California Democrat Eric “I’ll nuke you” Swalwell has announced his intentions to run for president. Like so […]

Comedian Samantha Bee blasts pro-life film ‘Unplanned,’: ‘It’s obviously ridiculous and no one should see it’

The left is in love with abortion. Those on the left talk about and defend the process of dismembering innocent children with a zeal and a passion that is not normal. Anytime abortion is challenged, […]

Elizabeth Warren on ‘The Late Show’: Don’t trust Barr, downplays importance of Mueller report

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is running for president. Much like the rest of her colleagues running for the White House, Warren has advocated for universal health care, free college for everyone in America, raising taxes, […]