Stelter says Chris Wallace is ‘tainted’ because he works for Fox News

All news outlets have a point of view and are biased, in some way or form. Why? Well, news organizations are run by people and everyone has their own bias, opinions and thoughts and feelings […]

Former GOP congressional candidate: ‘The Masked Singer’ was way to condition Americans to accept, wear face masks

Thanks to social media, it seems to have brought about a new, even higher level of stupidity. Yes, people have always been idiots but it seems that sits such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have […]

MSNBC guest on Black Kentucky AG: ‘He’s skinfolk but he ain’t kinfolk’

Things are likely to get bad in Louisville, Kentucky. The grand jury announced Wednesday that they had only indicted one police officer in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor. The officer indicted in the case […]