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Alex Jones Suspended from Twitter


Well that didn’t take long.

Just a few days after Twitter CEO  Jack Dorsey said Alex Jones hadn’t violated their terms of service and would not be suspending Alex Jones, they suspended him.

A Twitter spokesperson told CNBC, “I can confirm that a tweet was reported to us which contained a link to a video on Periscope. Upon review we determined it violated our rules and required the account to delete the tweet and video.”

Jones will be suspended for seven days and his account has  “limited functionality.” He won’t be able to Tweet or re-Tweet but can still use the account to read other people’s content.


This Won’t End Well – Facebook Adds New Option to Report Posts as Hate Speech

This morning, Facebook users noticed something unusual when scrolling through posts in their feed. A message would pop up and ask them if the post they were viewing was hate speech. It applied to all posts, even if there was nothing remotely close to hate speech in them.

Facebook says it was just a test, but an announcement is coming tomorrow about new security features for the site. Any bets that this will be one of them?

This doesn’t seem like a very good idea because we all know that people will report things that are most definitely not hate speech simply because they don’t agree with with what the person is posting.

Mark Zuckerberg is pledging to put people first but I don’t know if this is the way to do it.



Trump needs to put phone down and step away from the blue bird

There’s no denying, President Donald Trump likes Twitter. At approximately, 6 a.m. or so, every morning President Trump fires of a couple of tweets, usually about the prior days’ events.

Being the President of the United States, Trump knows anything and everything he posts on his personal Twitter page will become headlines around the world in minutes. And that’s exactly why someone really needs to grab his phone and ask him kindly to slowly step away from the blue bird.

For instance, ever since the recent images and videos showing the victims of the chemical attacks in Syria have come out, it has been a hot topic. Will the U.S. respond? When will they respond? How will they respond? What other countries will join the U.S.?

Well, yesterday, just like clockwork, Trump tweeted, but he decided to make Syria the subject of one of his tweets.

See, this is probably not the kind of thing you want to do if you’re the leader the free world. Telling other countries you’re going to attack may not be the best of ideas. You likely want to keep that kind of stuff quiet, and I don’t know, may be even a surprise to the country you’re planning to attack.

Several people close to Trump must have delivered a similiar message because the next day Trump tweeted the following:

Regardless, why in the world is he talking about national security issues on Twitter? Is he talking a poll?

Also, he continues to talk about the Mueller investigation. You know the thing that continues to hang around Trump and his administration like a stray dog that just won’t go away.

Absolutely nothing about these tweets are helpful. Anytime he talks about the Mueller investigation, he isn’t going to win, he just isn’t. The majority of the media already have their minds made up when it comes to that subject, their verdict: guilty.

Instead, he needs to discuss more about the strong economic numbers. He needs to keep the focus on what his administration is doing, the positive.

Instead, he continues to talk on Twitter about subjects that he just is not going to win. It’s starting to feel like he may just like the drama of it all.


Jim Carrey’s ‘art’ has people a bit upset

Whether or not you enjoy his type of comedy, Jim Carrey is a legend in the world of funny.

Dumb and Dumber.  Liar Liar. The Ace Ventura flicks. The Cable Guy and Me, Myself and Irene. These are just some of the funny films Carrey has produced during his career. However, his career seems to have hit an extended dry spell, not really doing much, let alone anything funny.

But like most celebrities whose careers dry up, Carrey has turned to the world of politics in an attempt to stay relevant. His most recent take on our current political situation has some people pretty upset.

Check out the funny man’s artwork.

This photo is obviously a caricature of Sarah Sanders, meant to portray her in a not so positive light.

Carrey then followed up that work with yet another one. This one is a take on President Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Yet, another celebrity doesn’t like President Trump. Big surprise, right?

Likely the biggest shock though is how people have reacted to Carrey’s artistic take on Sanders and Trump.


Watch out: Your cereal could be racist

What do you enjoy for breakfast? Eggs, toast and bacon? Pancakes and orange juice? Is coffee on the go more your speed?  Or do you prefer a nice bowl of cold cereal?

If you’re anything like me, given those options above, you’re opening the pantry, opening the fridge, pouring some milk and enjoying a satisfying bowl of cereal.  However, you best be careful, because that cereal you’re munching on could be… wait for it…RACIST!

Yes, you read that right, those sugar-covered morsels of goodness could be harboring deep-seated hatred towards a group of people simply because they look different from them.

Don’t believe me?  I present exhibit A below.

Yes, because people haven’t found enough things to be outraged over, they are now moving on to breakfast cereals.

But wait, the stupidity exhibited by this tweet, doesn’t stop there, the company acted, because you know, political correctness and feelings.

Kellogg’s responded by saying they are going to redesign the box, with the new boxes to arrive in stores soon, because you know, apparently cereal is “teaching kids racism.”

Is this what it we’ve become? Offended by boxes? Do we really have nothing better to do? Who actually has the time to look at a box of cereal and study the markings, anyway?

Is the guy/pop working as a janitor a shade darker than the rest of them? Yeah, appears to be, but at some point don’t we have to use a little bit of intelligence and you know, let things go? No, it’s much easier to raise hell about the smallest thing in order to feel morally superior and to demonstrate just how “woke” one is.

Constantly looking for things to be outraged and offended by can’t be a fun way to live. Bet that dude is real fun at parties.

Toucan Sam and Trix, you guys are good. Lucky Charms guy (foreigner): You’re ok for now, but please tone down the pot of gold talk, not everyone has gold and that is just not fair.

However, Captain Crunch and Snap, Crackle and Pop: You sugar-pushing racists, we’re coming for you next!




Former CIA Agent Wants to Buy Twitter to Kick Trump Off

It’s no secret that the President loves to use Twitter to rile up the left, attack CNN and call out anyone who’s not 100% behind him at the moment. In an age where news breaks first on social media and sites like Facebook and Twitter drive public opinion and interaction, it’s not bad that the President is adopting technology to reach his base and stay current with social media trends.

However, sometimes the President’s tweets (OK, most of the time) are cringe-worthy and even downright unfactual. But you know what? President Donald Trump can tweet whatever he darn well pleases because FREE SPEECH.

But former CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson thinks Trump needs to be banned from Twitter altogether and since the social media site doesn’t seem to be doing that anytime soon, she’s decided to start a crowdfunding effort to buy Twitter and ban the President herself.

She launched the effort last week with a goal of raising $1 billion and Tweeted this on her page:

So far, she’s only raised $6,000 and it’s unclear if Wilson did indeed reach her goal that Twitter would even sell to her.

Would it be nice to have a President that uses Twitter in a more professional manner? Absolutely. Should Trump refrain from engaging in Twitter wars with people who criticize him? Definitely.

Maybe if Wilson doesn’t like how the President uses Twitter, she should just unfollow him and stop trying to squash someone else’s free speech just because she doesn’t like or agree with what’s being said,


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