Video shows Georgia man shot while jogging, DA promises a grand jury will review case

The district attorney for the state of Georgia is promising to present the case of Ahmaud Arbery to a grand jury for review. Arbery was shot and killed in February and new video posted online […]

Bloomberg on Texas church shooting: ‘We can’t just let the average American have guns in a crowded place’

Several in the Democratic Party aren’t the biggest fans of the Second Amendment. Oh yeah, they’ll tell us they understand that the right to bear arms exists and that they respect this right and on […]

Buttigieg admits ‘we don’t yet have all the details’ on California shooting, still manages to blame NRA, guns

On Thursday, there was another school shooting. This one occurred at high school in Santa Clarita, California. In the hours since the shooting, we’ve learned that two students were killed and that the suspect was […]