Salon writer proposes grandkid strike until boomers vote better

Leave it to a writer from Salon to come up with the idea that millennials should go on a grandkid strike to punish baby boomers for voting “poorly.” In an opinion piece posted on the […]


NFL player Benjamin Watson calls out Alyssa Milano out for her ‘ignorance ‘ and ‘racism’

C-list celebrity Alyssa Milano has been able to find relevance in pushing far left positions on nearly every topic on social media. The Georgia, Alabama and Missouri anti-abortion laws have been the latest issue on […]

Liberal feminists are going on a #SexStrike….to ‘regain control of their bodies’

If liberal feminists weren’t being “constantly oppressed” they’d have absolutely nothing to do or say. Now, in their latest attempt to gain attention and relevancy, feminists are going on a #SexStrike. Why are these who […]