Latest Braun campaign ad covers health care

The Indiana Senate campaign between Republican Mike Braun and Democrat Joe Donnelly has covered many topics. Donnelly and Braun have gone back and forth on outsourcing, President Trump, the border wall, the economy, Hoosier farmers […]


VP Pence goes after Joe Donnelly’s record in new ad

There’s a lot riding on the Indiana Senate race. Whomever is the victor between Democrat Joe Donnelly and Republican Mike Braun will go a long way in determining which party controls the Senate. It’s so […]

Republican Braun picks up another endorsement: Indiana Manufacturers Association

Do endorsements really make a difference in political campaigns? They must move the needle slightly, why else would organizations keep making them and then candidates promote the heck out of them? U.S. Senate candidate Republican […]

One Republican hints at plans for 2022, possibly taking on Sen. Lisa Murkowski

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, after an extremely partisan confirmation process, is expected to become the next justice on the Supreme after a Senate vote Saturday afternoon. This comes after Maine Senator Susan Collins and the lone […]