Liberal actress Patti LuPone to Lindsey Graham: ‘Just bite the bullet and come out’

Hollywood and those on the left hate homophobia. They absolutely despise it!  And if you don’t believe they are totally against any and all kinds of homophobia, well then you’r just a homophobic, piece of […]

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Does Biden fit into the 2020 Democratic Party?

Former Vice President Joe Biden is running for the presidency after his Thursday morning announcement. He’s been leading virtually every poll gauging support for Democratic presidential candidates, even without actually being in the race. Now […]

Republican group releases anti-Trump ad shaming other Republicans for not speaking out against the President

Republicans for the Rule of Law has released an ad that shames other Republicans for not speaking out about the President’s attempt to obstruct justice. The dramatic video shows clips of Senators Ben Sasse, Lindsey […]