Kamala Harris calls Trump a racist, using it to fundraise

Whenever you run out of ideas simply call your opponent a racist. That seems to have been the Democrats’ playbook for the longest time. While speaking in South Carolina over the weekend at the state’s […]


Kamala Harris wants you to pay for health care of those in the country illegally

The Democrats running for president are some of the most generous politicians you’ll likely ever hear talk about the issues. There really isn’t anything that they won’t give away – paid for by other people’s […]

Buttigieg, Harris call for Trump impeachment

CNN held five town halls with Democratic presidential candidates Monday night in New Hampshire.  Five! Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg all took the stage taking questions from CNN’s moderators […]

Kamala Harris: ‘We should have conversation’ about allowing Boston Marathon bomber to vote

CNN, for whatever reason, continues to hold town hall after town hall with the Democratic presidential candidates.  No one watches them but they just continue to put them on television. Also, even more inexplicable are […]