Joe Biden to union worker: ‘You’re full of s**t’

There are plenty of hot-button issues out there today. For instance, abortion, immigration, the debt and of course, gun rights are just a few. During a recent campaign stop, former Vice President Joe Biden was […]

Bloomberg on Texas church shooting: ‘We can’t just let the average American have guns in a crowded place’

Several in the Democratic Party aren’t the biggest fans of the Second Amendment. Oh yeah, they’ll tell us they understand that the right to bear arms exists and that they respect this right and on […]

What? Anti-gun liberals pick up trash outside NRA HQ to…protest guns?

The National Rifle Association lives rent free in the minds of most liberals. Whenever something, anything involving a gun happens, liberals blame the NRA. It’s almost reflex at this point. It’s become predictable. I mean […]