Comedian Samantha Bee hits PragerU: ‘Bullsh** conservative propaganda’

So Samantha Bee is a comedian and if you haven’t heard, she’s not a big fan of Republicans, conservatives or anything that isn’t completely and totally woke. Bee is also the host of “Full Frontal […]

‘Comedian’ Samantha Bee encourages Democrat presidential candidates to drop out, run for Senate

There are more than 20 Democrats running for the White House, many of them have absolutely no chance whatsoever of becoming the nominee. Several of them are even polling in at or close to 0 […]

Comedian Samantha Bee blasts pro-life film ‘Unplanned,’: ‘It’s obviously ridiculous and no one should see it’

The left is in love with abortion. Those on the left talk about and defend the process of dismembering innocent children with a zeal and a passion that is not normal. Anytime abortion is challenged, […]