Schiff: House may take up impeachment

After Mueller report didn’t show the Democrats what they wanted to see as far as the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians. Since collusion didn’t stick, they’ve now moved onto screaming and repeating “obstruction.” Now […]

Kamala Harris: Good reason to believe Trump obstructed justice

The Mueller report was released Thursday morning. But despite the Mueller report being released and no collusion with Russia being found, the Democrats refuse to move on from the nearly two-year investigation. Kamala Harris was […]

Reps. Omar and Tlaib: Trump should investigated for impeachable offenses

The Mueller report was released Thursday morning. But it didn’t matter what was in the report, it wasn’t going to change many minds. Those who believed President Trump was 100 percent guilty of some impeachable […]

CNN’s legal analyst: Trump’s anger is sign of collusion with Russia

Of all the people and organizations that pushed the Russian narrative, CNN was likely the most invested into the idea that the President of the United States was a foreign asset. For whatever reason, the […]