Speaker Nancy Pelosi directs House to begin drawing up Articles of Impeachment

The House of Representatives is moving forward with an impeachment proceeding against President Trump. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, on Thursday morning, called for the House to begin drawing up Article of Impeachment. Pelosi […]


Stanford professor invokes Barron Trump’s name during testimony

On Wednesday, the House Judiciary committee reconvened and listened to a number of witnesses as they try to figure out if President Trump committed an impeachable offense. One of the three witnesses who testified before […]

Zuckerberg to still allow political ads on platform, ‘let people make those decisions’

People are all upset with Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg. They aren’t pleased with Zuckerberg because he’s not following Twitter’s lead in discontinuing political advertising on his platform. During an interview on CBS “This […]

AOC blasts Pete Buttigieg for education plan

In today’s heated political environment, dissension will not be tolerated. Republicans must agree with anything and everything that President Donald Trump says, does, tweets, thinks and eats. If failure to adhere to absolutely everything coming […]