Trump signs $1.4 trillion budget, raises legal age to buy tobacco to 21

Thank God for those Republicans that absolutely hate government regulation! I mean, where would we be without them? Yesterday, as part of the $1.4 trillion budget President Trump signed into law, he raised the legal […]


Trump suggests WWII vet, late Michigan congressman is in Hell

President Donald Trump was in Michigan Wednesday night holding a rally as he became only the third President of the United States to be impeached. During Trump’s remarks, he went after the district’s current representative, […]

CNN’s Dana Bash: Impeachment isn’t something Nancy Pelosi wanted to do

The Democrats in the House will impeach President Donald Trump Wednesday. Since Trump took office they have essentially been trying to remove Trump from office. The Democrats and the media were absolutely convinced that the […]

Speaker Nancy Pelosi directs House to begin drawing up Articles of Impeachment

The House of Representatives is moving forward with an impeachment proceeding against President Trump. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, on Thursday morning, called for the House to begin drawing up Article of Impeachment. Pelosi […]