President Trump mocks CNN’s Jim Acosta on Twitter

Jim Acosta is a reporter for CNN or that’s his job title, anyway. However, he often interjects his opinion, providing commentary when he should just stick to reporting the facts. Well, in yet another attempt […]


VIDEO: Kellyanne Conway gives CNN’s Jim Acosta a verbal beatdown

President Donald Trump is set to address the nation at  9 p.m. this evening. Trump will discuss the partial government shutdown and funding for his much-promised wall on the southern border. He’s expected to make […]

WATCH: President Trump, CNN’s Jim Acosta get into heated exchange

CNN is not a fan of President Trump. Likewise, Trump doesn’t hold the Cable News Network in real high esteem. And neither is real good at concealing their true feelings about one another. For example, […]

‘Unbiased’ reporter says ‘f**king John James…..that would suck’

Listen, everybody has an opinion and everyone understands that, right?  Of course, they do. Well all have our preferences, including reporters. However, it becomes a problem when reporters continue to say over and over that […]