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“Husband and Wife” Removed from Episcopal Church Wedding Services

In recent years, the Episcopal church has often been one of the most liberal denominations of the Christian faith. They pride themselves on full inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals into the congregation.

In 2003, they welcomed their first openly gay bishop and in 2012, extended “a provisional rite of blessing for same-gender relationships was authorized, and discrimination against transgender persons in the ordination process was officially prohibited; and in 2015, the canons of the church were changed to make the rite of marriage available to all people, regardless of gender.”

Transgender individuals are also allowed to become ordained ministers in the church.

Earlier this year, they dropped gendered language for God, stating “Fixed boundaries of gender identity are being challenged and churches need to respond.  This resolution is a clear response to the systematic oppression and violence that transgender people experience on a daily basis.”

So God is genderless and don’t refer to Him as Father or any other masculine term.

Now, in an effort to make their wedding ceremonies more gay friendly, they have dropped the terms “husband” and “wife” from the service.

According to a report in the U.K. Telegraph, the phrase ‘the union of husband and wife’ is replaced with ‘the union of two people.”  It also “replaces the section which talks about part of God’s intention for marriage being ‘for the procreation of children’ with the phrase ‘for the gift of children’ to make it more relevant for same-sex couples who may wish to adopt.”

Now, if a gay, lesbian or transgender individual walks into my church – I think we should welcome them. I think they should be treated as people and not excluded because of a life choice or sin. There’s a difference between tolerance and acceptance and if they are seeking God, we might be their only connection to Him. If we shun them because of a sin in their life, we’re not being very good examples of Christ’s love. And like it or not, sin is sin and we all stumble from time to time.

However, for a church to radically go against Biblical principles of marriage and family, condone and even perform un-Biblical marriage unions, then there’s a very big problem with that church. We can’t make the Bible fluid to the popular culture of the day. That’s not how it works. It’s clearly laid out how we should live our lives, what God does and doesn’t view as sin and clearly the Episcopal church has thrown that out the window in favor of cultural relativism. That’s doing a major disservice to their congregation because while God does indeed love all, that doesn’t mean people can do anything or commit whatever sin they want and not face consequences.

Other denominations considering similar changes to church practices might want to take note of this as well. According to RedState, the Episcopal Church “have lost nearly a third of their members, an exodus which sped up after 2000. They’ve spent $18 million in a single year suing their own local congregations -who tried to secede from the church to align with the more conservative Anglican church- over property.”

Maybe God is punishing them for their disobedience?

Chick-fil-A Opening in NYC Triggers New Yorker Writer

Chick-fil-A recently opened their fourth location in New York City, prompting Dan Piepenbring to write a bizarre piece for The New Yorker entitled “Chick-Fil-A’s Creepy Infiltration of New York City.”

Yes, you read that right.

The piece stems from Piepenbring’s disgust with Chick-fil-A’s founder Dan Cathy’s 2012 comments that gay marriage is wrong and “we’re inviting God’s judgment on our nation” by proclaiming “we know better than He does about what constitutes a marriage.”

If you remember, Cathy’s comments prompted boycotts by LBGTQ groups and some places like Chicago and Boston blocked the chain from opening new locations in their cities. Their first location in New York opened in 2015 and was met with protests. Then again in 2016 when opening a second location in Queens, Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed a boycott.

All because an owner of a company sees marriage traditionally as between a man and a woman. This view leads Pipenbring to call the company “perverse” because of their Christian values.

And yet the brand’s arrival here feels like an infiltration, in no small part because of its pervasive Christian traditionalism. Its headquarters, in Atlanta, are adorned with Bible verses and a statue of Jesus washing a disciple’s feet. Its stores close on Sundays.

He calls their commitment to community misleading.

Emphasis on community, especially in the misguided nod to 9/11, suggests an ulterior motive. The restaurant’s corporate purpose still begins with the words “to glorify God,” and that proselytism thrums below the surface of the Fulton Street restaurant, which has the ersatz homespun ambiance of a megachurch.

Even the Chick-fil-A cows aren’t safe from scrutiny.

It’s impossible to overstate the role of the Cows—in official communiqués, they always take a capital “C”—that are displayed in framed portraits throughout the Fulton Street location. If the restaurant is a megachurch, the Cows are its ultimate evangelists.

It’s worth asking why Americans fell in love with an ad in which one farm animal begs us to kill another in its place. Most restaurants take pains to distance themselves from the brutalities of the slaughterhouse; Chick-fil-A invites us to go along with the Cows’ Schadenfreude.

Do normal people even think about the Chick-fil-A’s  cows when they eat at the fast food joint? Probably not and it’s also a safe bet that Piepenbring is the only person in the world that’s even drawn some sort of morbid link between a marketing campaign and the slaughterhouse.

One has to wonder why Piepenbring is even eating in an establishment that so obviously disturbs him.

Chick-fil-A is one of the finest fast food establishments in the United States. They have exceptional customer service and usually go out of their way to help people in need in their community. One manager famously rescued people trapped in a flooded home in Texas during Hurricane Harvey. And in Orlando, a chain near the Pulse Night Club opened on Sunday to feed first responders and blood donors as they worked in the aftermath of the deadly shooting.

They are also the most profitable fast food chain in America at the moment, despite being closed on Sundays. If that’s not a blessing from the man upstairs, not sure what is.

This piece in The New Yorker is nothing more than a bigoted witch hunt against a Christian company that openly states it treats everyone the same, no matter their sexual orientation.

Normally, if you don’t like something, you don’t buy it, eat it or go there. Maybe Piepenbring should try that instead of furthering religious intolerance by writing a hate piece on a Christian owned company.

NYC Mega Church Pastor Blurs Moral Lines on Abortion

According to the World Health Organization, there are 40 – 50 million abortions performed each year, and in the US, there are over 3,000 per day. In a society where abortion on demand is becoming the battle-cry of most feminists, it’s getting harder and harder to find the pro-life voices in the younger generations.

Which is why it’s especially disappointing when Carl Lentz, pastor of the 9,000+ congregation of Hillsong Church in New York and a prominent member of the Christian faith, failed to step up to the plate and call abortion out for the sin that it is.

When asked by host Joy Behar if abortion was sinful, Lentz responded “That’s the kind of conversation we would have finding out your story, where you’re from, what you believe. I mean, God’s the judge. People have to live to their own convictions,” Lentz continued. “That’s such a broad question, to me, I’m going higher. I want to sit with somebody and say, ‘What do you believe?’”

People have to live their own convictions? Really? Where is that found in the Bible?

As a religious leader, especially someone just slightly older than the millennial generation, Lentz had a huge platform to advance the pro-life movement while also compassionately reaching out to the pro-choice crowd to show that all sin can be forgiven and that the church is here to love and support women and help them when they choose life.

But by taking no stance, he basically says said “Do whatever you want! There are no rules in religion except those that you make your self!”

Is this where the Christian faith is headed? Just live life however you want and you’ll still go to heaven? Troubling times are ahead for the church if this is where we’re going with our theology.

If Lentz seems to be having some trouble finding scripture to support the Biblical view that abortion is wrong, maybe he should read some verses talking about the sanctity of life like Ps. 139:13-16, Matthew 1:18 or Luke 2:5.

Or you know, he could refer to our own Constitution that states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”


Hillary Clinton’s Next Career Move: Preacher?

It seems that the Clinton’s can’t (or won’t) just quietly retire to a mansion somewhere in New York. Or maybe it’s the media that won’t let them go, clinging to the idea of what might have been for Mrs. Clinton and dreaming about the possibility of Chelsea running for office in the near future.

Either way, Hillary has her eye on a new career – preacher

The Atlantic published a piece yesterday claiming that at a photoshoot for his new book about the daily devotionals he sent her on the campaign trail,  Mrs. Clinton told her longtime pastor she wants to go into the ministry.


You can read the full story here.

It’s hard to imagine such a polarizing political figure standing behind the pulpit preaching scripture and messages of faith when she has silently stood by a husband who has been accused multiple times of sexual assault and rape.

Or how about her views on abortion?

And then there are the issues of lying, greed, lust for power and maybe even murder if you believe the conspiracy theories about the Clintons.

Only God knows Hillary Clinton’s soul, but to anyone on earth that’s been paying attention to Mrs. Clinton over the past 20+ years that she and her husband have been in the political spotlight, Reverend Clinton isn’t really a title that seems to fit.