Kirsten Gillibrand: ‘What President Trump is doing is the most anti-Christian thing I can imagine’

Democrats, for the most part, want to keep religion out of politics. For the most part, anytime the subject of faith comes up during a policy discussion, Democrats and their allies in the media will […]


Former Democratic congressional candidate: ‘You can’t be a Trump supporter and a follower of Christ’

Democrats don’t like religion. Studies have shown that those who profess to be atheists, don’t attend church services regularly or just have a negative opinion on religion in general, are more likely to vote for […]

Comedian Andy Richter: Evangelicals are ‘full of s**t’ for supporting Trump

Hollywood is without a doubt one of the bluest places in our country. Just look at all the money the Democratic presidential candidates pull in from the left coast. Nearly every election cycle actors and […]