Rapper Macklemore gets super ‘woke,’ bashes Trump, Biden in new song ‘Trump’s Over Freestyle’

Anyone who takes their political advice from a celebrity has problems. But nevertheless, celebrities, likely given their position and high visibility, feel the need to “bless” us with their thoughts and opinions on such things […]

Rapper 50 Cent endorses President Trump

On Monday, President Donald Trump got the highly-coveted 50 Cent endorsement. The former G-Unit member went to social media and posted his endorsement of Trump, saying that after seeing Biden’s tax plan. Curtis “50 Cent” […]

Chance the Rapper wants prison system abolished ‘as we know it,’ calls for Black reparations

This year has been nothing short of….exhausting. We’ve dealt with a pandemic for most of the year, we’ve had lock downs, nationwide protests and now we’re dealing with a resurgence of cases in the majority […]