Beto says the United States ‘at its foundation is racist’

Why would anyone want to be the head of an organization of which they vehemently disagreed? You wouldn’t, right? That would make absolutely no sense. So why would anyone who thought the United States of […]


VP Pence says Omar ‘doesn’t know what she’s talking about,’ she accuses him of racism, sexism

Apparently, simply disagreeing with anything Rep. Omar says now is either racist, sexist and likely both. Earlier this week the Minnesota Democrat actually blamed the United States for the political and social unrest in Venezuela. […]

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam responds to yearbook photo, issues apology

Ralph Northam’s tenure as Virginia governor is likely to come to an end soon, right? On Friday, a yearbook photo from 1984 was uncovered depicting two posing in blackface and a KKK rob. Underneath the […]