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Hotel Shampoo is Racist Now?

I don’t know about you, but I never pay attention to the samples of hotel shampoo and conditioner. I travel all the time and bring my own from home because I like the brands I use best.

Apparently pop singer Halsey doesn’t do the same and over the weekend, accused hotel chains of being racist because they don’t provide hair products for African American people. She says chains should be more inclusive and sensitive to other hair types and that they cater to white people with the products they stock in their rooms.

When someone suggested she bring her own, she replied she might be in a position to do so but others financially can’t afford it. I find that REALLY hard to believe. Has she priced travel size products lately? Because normally it’s under $1 or to save even more money, just buy reusable travel size containers you can re-fill with your products you have at home. It’s not that big of a deal.

People weren’t especially supportive of the singer, saying it was a non-issue and hotel shampoo is terrible for all hair types, not just African Americans.

I couldn’t agree with this person more.


Watch out: Your cereal could be racist

What do you enjoy for breakfast? Eggs, toast and bacon? Pancakes and orange juice? Is coffee on the go more your speed?  Or do you prefer a nice bowl of cold cereal?

If you’re anything like me, given those options above, you’re opening the pantry, opening the fridge, pouring some milk and enjoying a satisfying bowl of cereal.  However, you best be careful, because that cereal you’re munching on could be… wait for it…RACIST!

Yes, you read that right, those sugar-covered morsels of goodness could be harboring deep-seated hatred towards a group of people simply because they look different from them.

Don’t believe me?  I present exhibit A below.

Yes, because people haven’t found enough things to be outraged over, they are now moving on to breakfast cereals.

But wait, the stupidity exhibited by this tweet, doesn’t stop there, the company acted, because you know, political correctness and feelings.

Kellogg’s responded by saying they are going to redesign the box, with the new boxes to arrive in stores soon, because you know, apparently cereal is “teaching kids racism.”

Is this what it we’ve become? Offended by boxes? Do we really have nothing better to do? Who actually has the time to look at a box of cereal and study the markings, anyway?

Is the guy/pop working as a janitor a shade darker than the rest of them? Yeah, appears to be, but at some point don’t we have to use a little bit of intelligence and you know, let things go? No, it’s much easier to raise hell about the smallest thing in order to feel morally superior and to demonstrate just how “woke” one is.

Constantly looking for things to be outraged and offended by can’t be a fun way to live. Bet that dude is real fun at parties.

Toucan Sam and Trix, you guys are good. Lucky Charms guy (foreigner): You’re ok for now, but please tone down the pot of gold talk, not everyone has gold and that is just not fair.

However, Captain Crunch and Snap, Crackle and Pop: You sugar-pushing racists, we’re coming for you next!




Halloween Costumes are Racist Now

A magazine published for Ohio State University’s students, 1870 Magazine, has created a handy, dandy flowchart so you can determine if your Halloween costume is racist.

"Is your costume racist" flowchart from 1870 Magazine.

White people going as Prince, traditional head wear from other cultures, and humanizing inhumane people are all off limits. But it’s TOTALLY fine to wear a costume making fun of the President! (The flow chart doesn’t say so, but making fun of Obama is probably off limits.)

The funny thing is, according to the chart,  if you’re white and wear a Native American headdress, it’s completely racist. But if you answer no to being white, you could very well be African American or some other non-Native American ethnic group and it’s totally OK. Whiteness seems to equal racist at all times.

Halloween is supposed to be a fun day when children and adults can dress up as whoever or whatever they want. So what if a white child wants to go as Pocahontas? Let them! They’re not actually TRYING to become a part of that culture, they just want to dress up in a fun costume for one night.

Liberals really need to stop trying to say everything is racist all the time. You’re ruining a fun holiday for everyone.



Removing Statues Won’t Change People’s Hearts

It’s pretty safe to say that America has lost her way a bit and last week’s violent white supremacy clash with members of the alt-left in Charlottesville, VA only prove our young country is in a precarious moral state.

As a measure to combat racism, many southern cities are taking down monuments with a Confederate connection. In Baltimore, four statues were removed overnight – Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson, the Confederate Women of Maryland, the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument, and a statue of Roger B. Taney, the former chief justice who authored the Dred Scott decision.

New Orleans took down statues earlier this spring and plans to take down more. In Lexington, KY several statues are also coming down and today, Vice Magazine tweeted that we should blow up Mt. Rushmore because “they also enslaved their fellow man, committing special kinds of inhumane acts that should never be confined to footnotes.” Vice later removed and reworded the Tweet stating, “We do not condone violence in any shape or form, and the use of “blow up” in the original headline as a rhetorical device was misguided and insensitive. We apologize for the error.”

The argument for taking down the statues is pretty simple: the statues are a symbol of white supremacy and are glorifying a heritage that fought to maintain slavery. Many in favor of removing the statues suggest they should instead go in a museum.

Those who oppose taking the statues down say we’re trying to “whitewash” our history and the statues are about southern pride and not monuments commemorating a pro-slavery rebellion.

Honestly, both sides make valid points HOWEVER, racism will still exist no matter where the monuments end up. Removing a statue of Robert E. Lee won’t suddenly change a KKK member’s heart – he or she needs a Higher Power (aka GOD) to do that.

You would think that by 2017 our country would have moved past the racial divides of our past but sadly, racism isn’t simply something that dies out after a generation. It’s a cancer; an evil that haunts the history of our nation and it isn’t getting going away, no matter how many marches or anti-Trump protests the progressives organize.

A statue is just a statue. We put them up all over the country to represent influential people in our heritage and even pop culture icons. Should we take down the statue of Kurt Cobain in his hometown of Aberdeen? He shot himself in the head with a shotgun and that’s definitely not something we should celebrate. Or how about the iconic Andrew Jackson statue at Jackson Square in New Orleans. He was responsible for genocide against the Native Americans, yet his statue is one of the most Instagrammable spots in the country. See where I’m going with this? If we start removing all the things that offend us, we’ll have to remove nearly everything.

So I say, leave the statues up. Teach your children about the Civil War, slavery and how it’s wrong to treat people differently because of their skin color. Point out the flaws of the men who fought on both sides and talk about how we can learn from our mistakes.