Completely unaware: CNN guest says no media companies on left dedicated to tearing down Trump

CNN does not like President Trump, those in his administration or really any policy proposals that he’s put forward, and that’s just talking about their supposedly non-biased anchors and reporters. Additionally, their opinion/news journalists, such […]

Justin Amash decides against presidential run

Independent Congressman Justin Amash will not be running for president. The Michigan congressman made the announcement on Twitter Saturday afternoon. He said that after much consideration, he said that the circumstances of the present situation […]

President Trump: Nancy Pelosi is ‘very nasty’

President Donald Trump isn’t a big fan of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Trump made that abundantly clear during, what has become, a daily press briefing where the president comes out, during his opening […]

Author on MSNBC: Nixon could’ve survived Watergate if Fox News was around

MSNBC does not like Fox News or conservatives, for that matter. But on the other hand, I don’t think a lot of those on Fox News are huge fans of MSNBC. They are diametrically opposed […]