Kayleigh McEnany spins, pivots and punts when asked about Confederate flags at Trump rallies

For some reason, people still fly and wear clothing adorned with the Confederate flag. Perhaps they are fans of traitors, treason or just have an awful, tacky fashion sense. Who really knows, right? But whatever […]


Bolton on Trump: Not fit for office, isn’t competent enough for the job

President Donald Trump only hires the best people, or at least that’s what he told us. He’s only the best judge of talent! But anytime someone leaves (and there have been many) their post and […]

President Trump supports Colin Kaepernick getting another shot at the NFL

Colin Kaepernick will be on an NFL roster in time for training camp in July. It’s going to happen. The NFL and basically, all of the sporting world have come out in support of kneeling […]

Woman gives history lesson on the history of Republican, Democratic parties

One of the most reliable Democratic voting blocs is the black community. Democrats overwhelmingly win the black vote ever four years and it’s not even close. Every four years, the black community votes for Democrats […]