Haha! Donald Trump Jr. wants you to join the…’Army for Trump’

The election is less than 40 days away. President Trump, Eric Trump and the president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., do not want people to be able to vote by mail. President Trump and his […]

Don Lemon: ‘Rioting has to stop,’ says it’s hurting Dem poll numbers

We have the right to protest. As Americans that’s one of the many rights afforded to us, voicing our grievances loud enough so that those in power are forced to sit up and pay attention. […]

Biden calls for nationwide mask mandate, calls for ‘Americans to do the right thing’

Cases of coronavirus continue to surge across the country, increasing in a number of statess. Doctors and other medical professionals have stressed the importance of social distancing, hand washing and avoiding large crowds in order […]

What? Trump says ‘1917 pandemic’ likely ‘ended the second World War’

President Donald Trump knows the best things. If you don’t believe that, just ask him and he’ll gladly tell you. For instance, at one point during Monday’s press conference, the President of the United States […]