Boston Marathon bombing survivor on Bernie Sanders: ‘I think it’s crazy’

This current crop of Democrats running for president are, to put it mildly, pretty far left. Most of them want to do away with the Electoral College, abolish private insurance, increase taxes substantially and institute […]


Kamala Harris: Good reason to believe Trump obstructed justice

The Mueller report was released Thursday morning. But despite the Mueller report being released and no collusion with Russia being found, the Democrats refuse to move on from the nearly two-year investigation. Kamala Harris was […]

REPORT: Former VP Joe Biden to launch presidential campaign

Yet another Democrat is set to announce a run for president: former Vice President Joe Biden. According to the Atlantic,  Biden will officially get into the race next week, releasing a video next Wednesday. This […]

Dem Eric Swalwell releases presidential campaign ad, says ‘I am you’

California Rep. Eric Swalwell is running for president. The Democrat announced his run for the White House earlier this week on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” Without wasting much time at all, the Swalwell […]