President Trump wants SNL ‘tested in courts’

President Donald Trump is once again upset by Saturday Night Live. On Sunday morning, Trump tweeted that SNL and the network that it’s on, NBC, should “be tested in courts” because of their “one sided […]


REPORT: Potential Biden, Beto 2020 ticket being discussed

The 2020 presidential election will be here before we know it. But before that happens the process of the Democrats selecting their candidates will begin, likely rather soon too. There have been several Democratic politicians […]

President Trump tweets about The Weekly Standard and Bill Kristol, Kristol responds

On Friday, after 23 years in publication, The Weekly Standard announced they were closing up shop. One of the contributing editors for the magazine, John Podhoretz, tweeted out the news on Friday. People at the […]

Federal judge in Texas rules Obamacare is unconstitutional

Obamacare looks to be headed back to the Supreme Court. That’s because Friday evening a federal judge in Texas ruled that the healthcare law is unconstitutional. The ruling that the healthcare law is invalid is […]