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Trump Team Threatens Legal Action Over Omarosa’s Book

The drama continues between the White House and Omarosa over her new tell-all book, Unhinged. The book, which was released on Aug. 14, will likely top the bestseller list next week but President Trump’s legal team is threatening action against publisher Simon and Schuster.

According to a letter sent by Trump’s lawyer and obtained by the Hollywood Reporter,  Omarosa Manigault-Newman is “prohibited from disclosing confidential information about Trump, any of Trump’s family members and the Trump Organization. She also is allegedly prohibited from saving, storing or memorializing any confidential information — which could put those now infamous tapes at issue. Additionally, Manigault-Newman is said to be prohibited from disparaging Trump.”

From the letter:

“Now that you are aware of these contractual provisions, and Ms. Manigault-Newman’s breaches thereof, the Company will have claims against you, and all persons working in concert with you, should you proceed with publishing and selling the Book,” states the letter. “Such claims would include, among others, tortious interference with the Agreement, and inducement of Ms. Manigault-Newman to breach the Agreement.”

Elizabeth McNamara of Davis Wright Tremaine, which represents Simon & Schuster and its imprint, Gallery Books, responded with this statement.

“Despite various legal claims and threats made by representatives of the Trump campaign, Gallery Books and Simon & Schuster are proceeding as planned with publication of ‘Unhinged’ by Omarosa Manigault Newman, confident that we are acting well within our rights and responsibilities as a publisher.”

“Private contracts like the NDA may not be used to censor former or current government officials from speaking about non-classified information learned during the course of their public employment,” she wrote, citing case law.

She also said that Simon & Schuster would preserve documents related to the book but noted that “we want to remind you that the Trump campaign must comply with the same legal obligations regarding the President, his administration, his family members, their businesses, and the Trump Campaign, and must ensure that all appropriate measures to preserve such documents are in place.”

Library Journal notes that the Trump team also tried to stop Fire and Fury, but that only helped fuel its popularity.

So far, it’s been the biggest seller of 2018. Betting Omarosa’s book also gets a “Trump bump” because as they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Trump’s Military Parade Cost Rises 666%

Remember that military parade that President Trump was planning? Well, the cost for the parade has jumped significantly – 666% in fact. If that percentage number doesn’t scare you for religious reasons, the price tag certainly should – it will cost a whopping $92 million. And plans aren’t finalized yet, so that means it could go up even more.

Why such a hefty price tag? According to USA Today, a military spokesperson said $50 million of that would go towards security, equipment, personnel and other expenses.

The American Legion’s national commander said in a statement Thursday that “the American Legion appreciates that our president wants to show in a dramatic fashion our nation’s support for our troops. However, until such time as we can celebrate victory in the War on Terrorism and bring our military home, we think the parade money would be better spent fully funding the Department of Veterans Affairs and giving our troops and their families the best care possible.”

Completely agree.

Supporting our service men and women is important, but using money for this is just another form of wasteful government spending. Our veterans have real needs here at home – many are homeless, out of work and waiting for medical care. President Trump should redirect those funds toward something a little more useful than a parade.

We the people can continue to honor our service men and women at a local level in our hometown parades.

If the military parade does take place, it’s scheduled for Nov. 10, the day before Veteran’s Day, in Washington D.C.



Trump calls Omarosa a ‘lowlife,’ ‘dog’

What is Donald Trump doing? Seriously, what is the President of the United States thinking?

In his normal ill-advised routine of posting his thoughts to social media in the morning, Trump referred to Omarosa as a “dog.” What are you thinking, prez?

I understand Trump is a “counterpuncher” and this kind of thing plays well with his base but it’s frankly beneath the office of The President of The United States. A little class every now and then from the man occupying the Oval Office isn’t a bad thing.

In case you didn’t know, former BFFs and “The Apprentice” costars, Trump and Omarosa are feuding.

Omarosa has accused Trump of using the N-word while on “The Apprentice,” going so far as to say there is a tape that exists with Trump saying the racial slur. Of course, Trump denies the allegation.

If the tapes exist of The Donald saying the N-word, produce them. Show us. No, instead this is all an orchestrated media circus by Omarosa to sell more copies of her book, which is set to hit shelves Tuesday.

Trump has to be, or at least one would hope he’d be smarter than to get into these kind of pointless tiffs. And if the woman really was such a “lowlife,” as Trump refers to her, why did he put her on his campaign? Why did he give her a position in the White House?

It also goes the other way as well. If Trump is such a racist, if he’s such a bigot, why accept a position on his campaign? Why would you go to work for the man at the White House?

The whole thing is more than a bit ridiculous.


Boston Area Mayor Boycotts Sam Adams Beer Over Founder’s Pro-Trump Comments

Jim Koch, the founder of Sam Adams Beer Company, praised President Trump’s Tax Plan at a dinner in New Jersey Last week, saying it allows his company to compete with foreign breweries.

Koch, along with thirteen other businessmen, dined with the President at a New Jersey golf course.

From the Boston Business Journal:

“When I started Sam Adams, American beer was a joke, and it pissed me off. And now, American brewers make the best beer in the world. And the tax reform was a very big deal for all of us, because 85 percent of the beer made in the United States is owned by foreign companies.”

You can watch the rest of Koch’s remarks below.


Koch’s remarks ticked off Boston area mayor Joseph A. Curtatone who tweeted he would never drink Sam Adams beer again and that profiteers of Trump’s white nationalist agenda should be held accountable.

Imagine being so upset about an American company actually doing well and benefiting from the tax bill that you throw a Twitter fit and announce you’re boycotting a beer company.

The tax plan has nothing to do with racism, white nationalism or immigration policy. Why even bring that into the conversation? Not to mention this dinner wasn’t about that either – it was a meeting to discuss the economy.

Resisters are ridiculous.

Petition looking to make LeBron James secretary of education gets thousands of signatures

The internet is a wild and wacky thing most of the time.  There are videos of cats that have been watched millions of times. Not hundreds, not even thousands, but millions. It’s also a location where tweets from seven, eight years ago can end up costing you a job.

Now, apparently it’s a place where people openly advocate for an NBA player to be appointed as the US secretary of education. Seriously, there is a petition asking President Trump to replace US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos with Los Angeles Laker LeBron James. More than 36,000 people have signed the petition. Voluntarily.  Of course, only after viewing cat videos.

This petition comes after James recently opened a school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. James’ school will help at-risk children and will also help parents with career and educational support.

One can only imagine the petition will gain thousands of more signatures…and then go absolutely nowhere.

But let’s remember two simple reasons why James will never be appointed secretary of education: President Trump likes Mike and LeBron “will never sit across from him.”

So, you see that just doesn’t seem like the beginnings of a good, strong working relationship. Although, stranger things have happened, like a reality TV star becoming President of the United States.





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