Sen. Lindsey Graham says Trump shouldn’t pardon Capitol rioters

Sen. Lindsey Graham, who used to be one of President Trump’s biggest supporters, has been very critical of his actions following the Capitol riots. This morning, Graham spoke to Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo and strongly […]

Capitol rioter: ‘We won by sending a message to Pence;’ ‘we’ll remove them from office one way or another’

On January 6, a mob of Trump supporters attempted to overthrow the government, disrupt election certification and keep Donald Trump in office. They honestly believed that Vice President Pence had the authority to completely overturn […]

CNN’s Don Lemon: You’re with the KKK, Nazis if you voted for Trump

It appears that in the wake of the U.S. Capitol insurrection and the second impeachment of President Donald Trump, Republicans aren’t the only ones who are giving horrible takes as they rush to protect Trump. […]

Donald Trump is first president in history to be impeached twice

While history is usually kind to presidents after they leave office, with their personal approval ratings increasing in the years after, that’s not likely to be the case with Donald Trump. President Donald Trump on […]