CNN reporter: Elizabeth Warren’s policies could bring about economic crisis

If you’re a Democrat running for president and looking to win the nomination, there are basically two things one must do: Call anyone who even remotely challenges your ideas a racist and promise citizens free […]


Really? Bernie Sanders using ‘send her back’ chant toward Omar to raise money…for his campaign

On Wednesday night in North Carolina, President Donald Trump held a rally. While speaking to supporters, Trump went after the members of “the Squad.” When it came to Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, the crowd began […]

VIDEO: Rep. Liz Cheney rips Dem colleagues: ‘Their policies are wrong, dangerous and would destroy America’

Well, for the last several days the major news outlets have been consumed with statements President Donald Trump made on Twitter over the weekend where he instructed a “progressive Democrat congresswomen” to return to where […]

New Hampshire poll has Beto at 0%, Bernie support falling

There’s still several months until Democrats cast their votes in the primary. A lot of things can change between now and January 2020 when Iowans caucus that’s a given. But polls, while they take the […]