Hypocrites: McConnell, GOP flip-flop on Supreme Court appointments during election year

Politicians are some of the worst people you’ll ever encounter on this earth. They’ll say one thing and then turn around and gladly do the exact opposite. If you’re as likely to find a politician […]

VIDEO: Maria Bartiromo presses Valerie Jarrett on Steele Dossier; Jarret wants to move on

For the majority of President Trump’s first term, the Democrats and a healthy number of media outlets have been consumed with the Trump-Russia investigation. For several years, Democrats said they had proof that Trump and […]

Former Pres. Obama takes shot at Trump administration during commencement address

The coronavirus pandemic continues as more positive cases and more deaths related to the virus are announced every single day. Currently, there are nearly 90,000 people who have died in the United States as a […]