Yet again, Marco Rubio proves he’s an idiot

Marco Rubio really is a moron. Throughout former President Trump’s time in office and on the campaign trail, the senior Florida senator has defended anything and everything Trump has said, done and tweeted, no matter […]

Peter Navarro, Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo live in an alternate universe

Two-time impeached President Donald Trump is on his way out of office. But that doesn’t mean Trump’s people and his Fox News sycophants will stop lying on his behalf. No, instead that appears to mean […]

Huh? Trump says 75-year-old protester shoved by Buffalo police ‘fell harder than was pushed’

Social media can be a great thing for so many different reasons, if used properly. But like nearly everything else, if abused, indulged in too much or used for the wrong reasons, it becomes a […]