Math is hard: Trump has an issue with fractions

President Donald Trump knows the biggest words, the best words and if you aren’t convinced, just ask him. He’ll tell you, bigly! While he professes to know the best words, I don’t think he ever […]

Huh? Trump says 75-year-old protester shoved by Buffalo police ‘fell harder than was pushed’

Social media can be a great thing for so many different reasons, if used properly. But like nearly everything else, if abused, indulged in too much or used for the wrong reasons, it becomes a […]

Rudy Giuliani, Piers Morgan get into argument, throw insults at each other

Piers Morgan is the host of Good Morning Britain, a program similar to Good Morning America but with more substantive news and less cooking and cat segments. On Thursday morning’s program, the show had former […]