Really? Reporter asks Trump why grocery stores, fast food restaurants are still open

You’ve likely heard that there are no stupid question. Well, you can throw that out the window because that’s been proven 100%, entirely wrong. During Sunday’s coronavirus task force press briefing, President Donald Trump was […]


Blagojevich says he’s ‘a political prisoner,’ Anderson Cooper calls ‘ bullsh*t’

This week, President Donald Trump commuted the sentence of former Illinois governor and Apprentice cast member, Rod Blagojevich. The Democrat was sentenced to prison after he was recorded trying to sell then-Sen. Obama’s Senate seat […]

Rep. Tlaib held Rep. Omar’s hand during ‘moments of triggering’ during SOTU

There are some people who simply cannot take hearing another opinion or point of view. If confronted with an opinion they don’t wholeheartedly agree with these weak-minded individuals will get lash out usually in anger. […]