CNN’s Don Lemon loses it over meme: ‘Are you insane? Are you insane?’

Apparently, up until Tuesday CNN’s Don Lemon was unfamiliar with the concept of social media. A fair amount of social media is filled with snarky tweets, memes and videos. Again, this idea must’ve been completely […]


Marianne Williamson falls for fake article, thought Trump pardoned Charles Manson

California Sen. Kamala Harris is no longer running for president but Marianne Williamson is still in the race. Let that sink in for a minute. Love her or hate her, Harris is a United States […]

Hillary Clinton, Howard Stern mock Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton still cannot accept the fact that she isn’t and will not ever be the President of the United States. In the years following her loss, Clinton has blamed anyone and everyone, except herself. […]

Speaker Nancy Pelosi directs House to begin drawing up Articles of Impeachment

The House of Representatives is moving forward with an impeachment proceeding against President Trump. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, on Thursday morning, called for the House to begin drawing up Article of Impeachment. Pelosi […]